His name is Gunther

We had an eventful first week with Gunther. Last Saturday we purchased our little guy and all his accessories. imageWe had an eventful time in the pet store. When we got him home he did not want us to touch him at all.image But we got him in his cage and he was perfectly fine. Over the next few days he built his nests and started hoarding his food. We brought him to school Tuesday morning and let him run around in his ball. The next morning I went to check on him and feed him and he was gone… I began to flip everything over in his cage and he was no where to be found. A couple other girls helped me scavenge around the room looking for him. I found him curled up in the back corner of Todd’s cupboard. He was so happy to see me. After that day he enjoyed running in his ball and having his first bath. He was unnamed for a couple days but we finally decided to go with Tanners name Gunther!



3 thoughts on “His name is Gunther

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