Clifford Olsen

His killing spree of 11 children and young adults, starting in November 1980 and continued to July 1981.olson

First victim is Christine Weller was abducted at the age of 12, on November 17, 1980. Her body was found a month later and she had been strangled with a belt and stabbed repeatedly. The second victim is Colleen Marian Daignault at the age of 13, on April 16, 1981. Five months later her body was found the same as the first victim. On April 22, 1981, the third victim Daryn  was abducted at the age of 16. His body was found two weeks later. On May 19, 1981, Sandra Wolfsteiner at the age of 16 was murdered. She was attacked by Olsen and strikes in the head till death. In June 1981 13-year-old Ada Anita Court was murdered. On July 2nd nine year old Simon Partington was abducted, raped, and strangled to death. The next week Judy Kozma, at the age of 14 was raped and strangled to death. The next victim Raymond King II, the age of 15, abducted on July 23, raped and bludgeoned to death. The next victim Sigrun Arnd, at the age of 18 was raped and bludgeoned to death. Fifteen year old Terri Lyn Carson was raped and strangled on July 27th. Louise Chartrand was the last victim identified at the age of 17, o July 30th. Throughout the 11 victims he stayed to a common. He would abduct the victim possibly rape them, and then either beat them to death or strangle them.

Clifford Olsen scored a 38/40 on his psychopathy checklist. Psychological assessments revealed that Olson was homicidal psychopath with narcissistic delusions, sexual obsession, a pedophile and possibly a necrophiliac. He knew right from wrong but he simply didn’t care.

Even though this was true; police were in fact watching Olson’s movements, he managed to kill again only 2 days later. Olson was finally arrested on  August 12, 1981, when officers who had been followed his car trailed him to a deserted area. Olson had two young women in the vehicle with him. When he ordered one of them out of the car, and to leave the area, police, who had been listening from bushes nearby had seen enough. They arrested Clifford Olson for drunk driving and took him to jail. started out with little physical evidence against him.  Police had his address book, with Judy Kozma’s address written by her own hand.  A witness, who had spent time socializing with Olson, put him with Judy on the night of her murder. Police charged Olson with her killing. Soon after, bodies began to appear. Olson was charged with ten counts of murder. He confessed to all murders and gave their locations as well.

Olson was arrested August 12, 1981 on suspicion of abducting two young girls. On August 25th Olson was charged with the murder of Judy Kozma. Olson then reached a controversial deal and confessed to the 11 murders. He also showed the police the location of the bodies they had not yet found. In exchange the authorities gave 10,000 for each victim in trust to his wife and infant son.bodies In January 1982 Olson pleaded guilty to all eleven counts of murder. He was then sentenced to a life sentence for each victim in a super maximum security prison. On August 19, 1997 Olson applies for parole and is rejected in minutes. On July 18, 2006 after 25 years in prison Olson appears in front of a parole board. This time he is rejected within a half hour. On November 30, 2010 he applies a third time for parole and is denied again.

In September 2011 Olson was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He died on September 30th, 2011 at the age of 71.

Olsen was sent halfway across the country to Kingston Penitentiary where he spent 23 hours a day in a cell. He was housed in a special area where the inmates need protection from other inmates.

Olson complained of stomach pain and was taken for x-rays at a kingston hospital. They found a key from handcuffs stuck up his rectum. They had been stolen from a guard  at an attempt to escape.


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